Take Falafel Yo! to your Area!

Take falafel yo to your area


Less Meat For Filipinos
As Filipinos want to consume less meat, many are searching for plant-based options to try. Based on 2021 statistics, Filipinos eat vegan food several times a week, making the vegan scene on the rise—waiting for more people to discover it.

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Franchising Success in the Philippines
Starting from scratch may be challenging, especially if you're new to the vegan scene. The success rate of franchising in the Philippines has surpassed 90% because they have proven business models. Based on the most recent statistical data from PFA, this proportion shows that it is higher than the retail industry, which has a success rate of only 25%.

Falafel Yo! ATC branch

Why Falafel Yo! is the Best Choice
You do not need to travel far to enjoy pita bread, hummus, and falafels. Middle Eastern cuisine has long been popular in the Philippines; it may be your go-to snack or your favorite late-night dinner.

What sets Falafel Yo! apart from other Middle Eastern restaurants is authenticity. Owned and operated by two Israeli brothers, Guy and Yuval, they manage to wow the Filipinos' tastebuds with homegrown Israeli cuisine and instantly became a favorite.

You can say it's a hit because fans are demanding more branches. We want to share the culture, and you can take part in our initiative to bring more vegan choices.

If you're interested to be one of our partners, book a date to schedule our discovery call.