Is plant-based food really THAT boring?

Are you wary of a plant-based diet? Can’t stand a meal without meat? Is healthy food really that boring?


Filipinos just love meat! I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s the perfect pair for our food staple–the greatest warm white rice. Now, veganism in the Philippines has been on the rise. Thanks to social media, which made the movement spread easier, more people now have an understanding of how to live a vegan life. With the help of restaurants offering cuisines from different places around the world that joined the game, the reception was great. Filipinos are now ditching meat, eggs, and dairy products.


Falafel Yo! proves that plant-based food is NOT boring at all. In 2017, an Israeli family who migrated in 2011 in the Philippines decided to take a chance and introduce their native cuisine to the Filipinos. With the reason to share their very own unique food experience, Falafel Yo! continually flourish for three years. In comparison with the light and fun treatment of the brand, we take our food seriously. It is evident to the people who already had a taste of our best-selling falafel sandwiches – and still coming back for more. Today, we have now two branches always ready to satisfy your hunger: our Uptown Mall, BGC, and SM North EDSA branches.


Falafel Yo! Founders


From the humble beginnings of our falafels, more people are starting to give attention to the newly found favorites – the pita fries, and the most coveted hummus. This 2020, we expanded our menu. New salads and dips have been added and we started to offer desserts, too. We also made our falafel mix available to order online, so people stuck at home can still have their falafel fix anytime, freshly cooked. If you prefer cooked falafel balls only, we got you! 

 Falafel Yo's Israeli Cuisine


So who said healthy food is boring?! Well, obviously, the person who hasn’t tasted any of our menus yet!

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