Falafel Yo! has been well received since its inception in 2017.  The wellness movement, the rise of vegans and vegetarians and the constant search for something  distinctly authentic and delicious that provides value for money. It is a great vegan protein but also becoming  popular even to non vegans who want to eat something healthy but filling – all these among others, help propelled the success of Falafel Yo!.

More consumers  start to  develop a healthy lifestyle and patronize brands that are aligned with their values. Falafel Yo! shares  the same advocacy with our customers in terms of eco responsibility and veganism. We uphold such values towards  our people, customers and the society.


Operating System

Falafel Yo! Is a unique concept with a simple and open business structure that is ownable and easy to execute. The  products are focused and targeted, and are  anchored towards quality, value and authenticity. 

Easy food preparation

Falafel Yo! sandwiches and products are simple to prepare and are  served in a quick service environment, giving business owners the chance to welcome a high number of customers both in-store and through delivery and boost income.



Operational Support 

We, at Falafel Yo! will  provide an open communication system & responsible operational processes to remain committed and  connected with our franchisees throughout each stage of our partnership. 

Tradition and Innovation
Falafel Yo! stays true to its roots by bringing tradition and innovation. We believe that food connects people. We  offer authentic falafel sandwiches and continuously innovate by expanding  the menu, while keeping the brand core intact.


Marketing Support 

Falafel Yo! stays connected and relevant through active marketing communication, campaigns and activities. All of which adhere to the the brand's essence that customers came to love. Communications are genuine, sincere, fun, and welcoming. These marketing efforts and Falafel Yo's brand recognition and loyal customer base will help and benefit the franchisees.



Good Location and great leasing deal

Choosing a location is one of the most important elements of Falafel Yo!'s success. We will work as closely as possible with our franchisees in assessing the location to start the franchise. An in depth site analysis will be conducted taking all factors into consideration.

A strategic location  at Eastwood, Quezon City  with a great leasing rate is currently available for franchise. The store has its own access and can operate 24/7, giving more sales opportunities to the business. It is also surrounded with residential and commercial buildings providing  a great exposure  to its target market.



We are offering a huge discount on the franchise fee for a limited time only. You can own a Falafel Yo! for P100,000  ( originally at P500,000) . Below is the franchise package inclusion.


The market is set. Franchisees get the benefit of the current demand and the opportunity of bringing Falafel Yo! to the best locations. Start your own Falafel Yo! business, spread the good vibes and join the FALAFEL force, YO!



To know more about franchising Falafel Yo!, you may contact us at info@falafelyo.com  
0917 874 2830